Preparing Your Home

Preparing your home for sale

One of the most important steps in selling your home happens before you even put it on the market and that is getting it prepared for listing. Inside and out, you will want to make sure your home shows in the best light possible. This will ensure that you get the best possible price.

Curb Appeal. Often, the first time a potential buyer sees your home is in the car, driving by. If you can not grab their attention on that first drive by, then you might have lost them for good. Think about your lawn, trees and shrubbery, the driveway, and exterior paint. Consider putting potted plants around the entrance, for a softer, more welcoming feel. Clean shutters and the exterior of the front door. The front entrance is one of the most important parts influencing a potential buyer's first opinion of a home. Even something small, like a new mailbox, could influence a first impression.

Interior. Obviously it is important that your home be kept in clean and pristine condition while it is on the market. Steamed carpets, clean counter-tops, and fresh scents are all important factors. But beyond that is staging your furniture or having a staging company stage theirs in a way that makes your home's floorplan seem appealing to most people. If you move from your home before you sell it, it is best not to leave it empty, but instead stage it will furniture. It is hard for a potential homebuyer to picture how their furniture will fit in a big empty room with nothing to compare to.

Repairs. Having a problem-free home can save you a lot of time and money in the contract negotiating process. Buyers will always inflate the actual cost of the repairs; therefore it is best to take care of it first. Make sure your furnace, water heater, central air, and electrical outlets are all working correctly. Even replacing light bulbs should be done.

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