Common Selling Mistakes

Common Selling Mistakes

We all make mistakes. However, making a mistake when selling your home has the potential to lose you money and cause grief. Here are some the most common selling mistakes to avoid.

Show me the money! When a seller is interviewing potential real estate agents, he or she will get excited at the prospect of how much they can sell their home for. This will often times cause uniformed sellers to chose inexperienced agents because that agent will suggest the highest listing price, which in turn will usually mean a longer time on the market.

Battle of Commission. Some real estate agents will try to win your business by offering you a 'deal' on their commission. This will usually mean they are desperate for work. The price of the commission your Realtor earns from the sale of your home not only covers their compensation, but also the costs associated with marketing your home. Skimping on commission will often cause an agent to skimp on marketing efforts to get your home sold.

Making the improvements. Do not skip fixing the crack in the driveway before your house goes on the market. A simple fix like that could completely change a prospective buyer's overall attitude towards your home. Little cosmetic changes can make a big difference!

Stamp of approval. If a buyer is not approved for a loan and you accept an offer from them, you could end up wasting a ton of time in which you could have been entertaining other offers. It is important that buyers are pre-approved before you write up a contract.

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